Development of mobile applications Kyiv

We are a young team of IT professionals with a long history of developing software and technical solutions for companies from the Opti family.

Opti Digital is the optimal solution for business and beyond.

Opti Digital offers a full cycle of mobile development
applications, websites, financial systems of any complexity.
Our specialists will analyze your request and make an offer
the best solution for your project.
The mission of our company is to build a productive, business-oriented relationships with customers and become strong
partners, thanks to whom we provide services at the highest level.

Opti Digital services:

  • Development of mobile applications
    Android Apps
    iOS Apps
    Huawei Apps
  • Website development
    Landing Page
    Corporate sites
    Online Stores
    Business card website
    Catalog page
  • Business process automation systems

Why work with us?
By creating a product for the Opti family, we are at the same time
we were both a customer and a contractor. Working from different angles, we were able to understand the pain of the clients and the complexity as a performer.
We felt best with existing errors or inaccuracies in calculations.
allowed during development, and we know from our own experience the cost of each error.

Our team knows how to develop software taking into account all the requirements of the customer, avoiding mistakes.

  • Quality . We conduct an in-depth analysis of each project,
    we use advanced technologies, we test the code - this is
    guarantees high quality products.
  • Experience . We have developed our own product that they use
    hundreds of thousands of users.
  • Team . We have created a team to implement our own
    projects, so we have chosen the best specialists.

Answers to frequently asked questions

Can I arrange a delivery service with you?

Yes, we can arrange delivery from your facility to the customer. It can be much more profitable than the delivery of foreign companies.

Why connect a corporate account?

You will have a full report on expenses, you will be able to enter these expenses in accounting, and you will receive priority in the delivery of cars.

How is payment made?

After the order is fulfilled, funds are debited from the balance.

What information can I get in the report?

The report contains a list of trips with date, time, route, vehicle number and model, as well as waiting time and distance.

The report is provided once a month.

How to order a taxi through Opti 579?

You can order a taxi online on our website, through a mobile application or by calling us on the phone.

In order to receive funds by non-cash payment, you need to perform the following actions

Instructions for opening a FOP