FC Opti: the history of the national team of leaders that even the war did not stop Kyiv

FC Opti: the history of the national team of leaders that even the war did not stop Kyiv

The events of the Russian-Ukrainian war have changed the lives of each of us. But Ukrainians, wherever they were, proved to themselves and the world that they could not only survive, but also win. Examples of the resilience and resilience of our people can be found in all areas of our lives.

Today we offer to be inspired by the stories of our guys from the Opti football club, who not only did not give up doing what they love, but also reached new heights.

Football club "Opti": The history of the team of leaders


The football team was founded in 2015 under the auspices of the 579 brand. The group has been performing under the current name Opti for more than four years, that is, since the name change of the site.

Over the full six years of its existence, more than 150 players from all over the country play in the Opti football team. The amateur team has become an excellent training ground for young athletes. 6 players have already started their careers in professional sports, playing in the national team at the amateur level in different years.

FC Opti originally competed in the AFL amateur league in an 8/8 format. In the tournament, the team managed to achieve success, taking fourth and second place in the standings in different years.

Already in 2017, the team achieved its first success - it won the championship of the left bank (Kyiv), after which thousands of players and sports fans learned about the team.

The first achievement allowed the team to advance in the class, and then take third place in the FAS Ekstraklasa at the end of the 2018-2019 season.

Since that moment, the national team has constantly added to its list of trophies. Thus, FC Opti won the intermediate matches and became a full member of the FAS Premier League, in which it took 6th place.

After a short break in 2020, Opti successfully returned to the game and took 2nd place in the KSL league (Winter Cup 5/5). Already in 2021, the team took second place in the KSL league (Winter Cup 5/5), and in the spring of the same year they won the KSL Spring Cup 5/5.

FC Opti in Total War: Play Everything


Of course, with the outbreak of a full-scale war, the life of football players and the activities of football leagues have changed radically. Among the players of the FC OPTI team there are 4 fighters who are currently defending our Motherland from invaders.

But, in spite of everything, the brigade took an active part in public assistance to those affected by the military consequences.

Over time, by a collective decision, the FC OPTI team launched a system of active training for further participation in future competitions.

In the 2022 football season, the amateur football team took part in 4 tournaments and took first place in each team.

The team's achievements also include gold medals at two consecutive V9Ky Ukraine tournaments in 8x8 format, the guys won all the victories at two tournaments and lost only once, which allowed them to confidently win trophies.

Then the team decided to try their hand at the KSL tournament in the highest right-bank league, where in the debut season they confidently took first place.

The team also took part in a 5x5 charity tournament in support of the soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, where they won a cup and gold medals, as well as gratitude to Sergey Klimenko for his personal contribution and the development of amateur football in Kiev.

Among the recent awards, the team won gold medals and a trophy at the DAFL tournament, which was held with the support of the Kyiv city government. Sergey Klimenko, Vladislav Tkachenko and Maxim Sheludko became the best team players.

In the spring of 2023, our players set a league record for goals scored with a 24-0 victory.

In the near future, the guys can take part in the Semi-professional league of the Kyiv region.