Enduring Ukraine and Opti Taxi: Let's help our children in Poland! Mariupol

Enduring Ukraine and Opti Taxi: Let's help our children in Poland! Mariupol

The last 6 months have become the most difficult in the recent history of Ukraine. During this time, tens of millions of Ukrainians have faced challenges that have forever changed our daily lives and worldview.

But these trials made us not only stronger, but also sensitive, taught us to unite in order to survive and organize a new life for ourselves and others. Therefore, at the very beginning of the war, the charitable foundation "Indestructible Ukraine" was created.

The first Ukrainian school in Poland: history, mission and goals of a large-scale project

The Enduring Ukraine Foundation and the First Ukrainian School in Poland project were established in March 2022. The founder of the fund was Victoria Gnap, a Ukrainian entrepreneur and philanthropist.

The project arose from the urgent need for the education of evacuated children from Ukraine who, fleeing the war, found refuge in Poland. According to UNICEF, more than 800,000 people have left for Poland since the beginning of the war. Ukrainian children. At the end of the spring semester, that is, until the end of May this year, about 190,000 students were studying in Polish schools. children. Unfortunately, 200,000 children cannot go back to school or even use the Internet – hundreds of schools have been completely destroyed and others are under occupation, war zones or rocket attacks.

The main goal of the project is to provide Ukrainian children with continuous offline learning according to the Ukrainian program, which reduces the stress level of parents and children and gives them the opportunity to return to a normal life, secure a future and receive a high education. quality education.

Thus, in August 2022, the First Ukrainian School received its own license from the Ministry of Education of Ukraine to carry out educational activities, which guarantees students and graduates confirmation of diplomas in the country and abroad.

Currently, three Ukrainian schools have been established in Warsaw, Wroclaw and Krakow, which provide children with all the necessary educational materials free of charge. The educational centers of the foundation have Ukrainian teaching staff of teachers and directors. Additionally, the study of the Polish language and psychological rehabilitation (if necessary) are carried out.

In addition to the educational program, "The First Ukrainian School in Poland" has an entertainment program. Creative and sports competitions, dance and film screenings, concerts and master classes, trips to other cities and museums, flash mobs in support of Ukraine and gratitude to friendly Poland are often held here. Interest groups work on a permanent basis: taekwondo, choreography, robotics, children's diplomacy, an English language circle and others.

Helping Ukrainian children: what can you do?

Millions of Ukrainians in Poland are forced to solve a whole range of issues.

from material problems to psychological ones. The activities and development strategy of the Enduring Ukraine and First Ukrainian School foundations help to solve problems in a comprehensive manner.

The main problem is the language barrier and adaptation issues. Yes, Ukraine and Poland have different education systems. Our children are forced to return to the classrooms of the Polish education system and lose a year, which is not conducive to their mental health and academic performance.

But material issues are much more difficult to solve. For Ukrainian families in Poland, every penny is important now. Some of them still do not have a regular income, in addition, new and significant expenses have appeared: rent, new clothes (many remained in winter clothes), utilities and food at European prices.

In all institutions of the First Ukrainian School, the expenses of parents for children are partially covered. Everyone gets free food and drinks, stationery and backpacks. In addition, educational boards were made for the new academic year.

The project is partly funded by the UNICEF Children's Fund and the Save Children Fund, but these funds are not enough to educate children and help their parents.

There are more than 800 thousand Ukrainian preschoolers and schoolchildren in Poland. We have received more than 7,000 applications for admission, but at the moment we can only accept 1300-1500 children ... Willingly! There are not enough funds to support such a large number of students. For example, funds are needed for the implementation of programs for the rehabilitation of children who left the zone of war and occupation, - said the president of the foundation, Victoria Gnap.

Now, in order to provide quality education to Ukrainian children in Poland, the Enduring Ukraine Foundation needs material and informational support.

Each of your hryvnia, dollar, euro or zloty will be spent on:

  • purchase of school and office furniture;
  • equipping classes with teaching equipment;
  • providing children with stationery and other educational supplies;
  • catering;
  • salaries of teachers and other staff;
  • organization of sports and cultural events;
  • adaptation and rehabilitation programs for children affected by military activities;
  • rental of premises for schools;
  • and much more.

Make your contribution to the future of Ukrainian children. Together we can not only survive these dramatic events, but also start building a better future byinvesting in it now!

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"Indestructible Ukraine" and Opti Taxi: help those who move the country forward