The Opti Taxi family congratulates on the Day of the Defender of Ukraine Kyiv

The Opti Taxi family congratulates on the Day of the Defender of Ukraine Kyiv

Today is one of the most important holidays of modern Ukraine - Defender's Day! We sincerely thank each of our soldiers who defend the country and enable Ukrainians to continue to support the economy, raise children and plan how we will rebuild Ukraine tomorrow.

Opti Global is a purely Ukrainian brand that did not stop its activities for a day, even after the start of a full-scale war. This would not have happened without our team, who continued to work, supported a multi-million dollar family of clients and provided access to fast, high-quality and affordable transportation services.

In recent months, we have been forced to close part of our troops, which will remain in the occupied territories. But we are sure. that soon our employees will return to their places of work, and passengers will be able to call their favorite taxi. Our defenders and our entire team are working tirelessly on this.

Members of the Opti Taxi family, fighting in the ranks of the Armed Forces, are defending our freedom today. We sincerely thank them for their service and look forward to a return to a peaceful life and work.

We have supported the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the first day of a full-scale invasion. The Opti Taxi app has a separate category that allows our users to quickly make donations to the needs of the military. Tens of thousands of citizens took advantage of this opportunity and sent millions of hryvnias.

We sincerely thank all branches of Opti Taxi in every corner of free Ukraine. Each member of the team, from branch directors to drivers, provided all possible support. For several months, you have been involved in charitable transportation, donating funds and providing information support to the country's volunteer movement.

We continue to support the country and do not lose faith in our victory and a better future.

Glory to Ukraine!

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