Surprise from Opti on Independence Day Mariupol

Surprise from Opti on Independence Day Mariupol

The largest service for ordering transport services in Ukraine has prepared profitable and useful gifts for the main holiday of the state - Independence Day.

As we all remember, on August 24, 2021, Ukrainians celebrate the country's anniversary. Of course, Opti could not leave millions of its customers without gifts for a significant event.

As always, the largest transport aggregator to order the services of carriers has prepared a surprise that has practical benefits for everyone.

So, only on August 24, 2021, users of the Opti mobile application will receive a valuable gift - a 30% cashback for travel.

Terms of the promotion are simple:

open an already installed Opti application on your device;

order a car;

pay for the trip and get 30% of its full cost back to your account;

Opti: The movement is inspiring.