Congratulations on the Day of Defenders of Ukraine! Kyiv

Congratulations on the Day of Defenders of Ukraine! Kyiv

The team of the national service Opti Taxi sincerely congratulates all the defenders of Ukraine on the holiday. Thank you for your service and honor your sacrifices for the independence and sovereignty of your homeland.

The service of brave men and women, your courage and inspiration are the guarantors of our peaceful existence and well-being. Please accept our sincere congratulations and wishes for peace, good health and family happiness.

October 14: an ancient tradition of Ukrainians that is becoming more relevant.

Defenders of Ukraine Day is a relatively new holiday, which was founded in honor of the military, thanks to which our country defends its own independence and prosperity.

October 14 was chosen as the date of one of the most important holidays of the country. Today is the day of the Intercession of the Mother of God, who was and remains the patron saint of the Cossacks and all Ukrainian soldiers.

In order to honor the courage and heroism of the defenders of the independence and territorial integrity of Ukraine, military traditions and victories of the Ukrainian people, October 14 is an official day off.

It will be recalled that this year Ukrainians were presented with a mini-vacation on Defenders' Day, which will last 4 days.

The largest national taxi service in the country adheres to the principles of sustainable development and as a Ukrainian company is guided by the principles of patriotism in strategic planning and organization of operational activities.

Of course, the Opti Taxi team could not leave the defenders of Ukraine without presents. Yes, only on October 14 all servicemen of the Armed Forces can receive travel bonuses. What is needed for this?

For the holiday in all cars of the service in 36 cities of Ukraine there is a unique offer: take a selfie in military uniform and get bonuses! Only on October 14, each participant receives 50 bonuses to their account in the Opti application.

How to get bonuses:

  • take selfies in military uniform during the trip;

  • mark our page in your page on social networks;

  • get bonuses in the Opti application.

The promotion will run from 08.10 to 14.10 inclusive

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