Opti Taxi and Opti Global: results of the year Kyiv

Opti Taxi and Opti Global: results of the year Kyiv

2022 has become a difficult and breakthrough moment for each of us. Moreover, the full-scale invasion of our country forever changed the everyday life and economy of the EU countries.

But trials often lead to new successes. After all, there is no development without obstacles.

Members of the Opti Taxi and Opti Global teams also learned this trivial but eternal value, because at the end of the year the group of companies managed to open new branches and start new, promising projects.

Opti Taxi: develops a network of branches

Everyone needs freedom of movement, high-quality, safe and inexpensive service, especially in wartime, when it is needed.

That is why we have focused on opening new branches and expanding our large driver base.

So at the end of the year, Opti Taxi earned in such cities as:

  • Poltava;
  • Uzhgorod;
  • Chemerovites;
  • people from the Danube;
  • Town

Thus, the total number of service branches has reached 40. Welcome to our family!

Opti Global: participation in charitable projects

In 2022, for obvious reasons, participation in charitable and social projects has become mandatory, both for large businesses and for ordinary people.

Immediately after the start of a full-scale invasion, we installed a special section in our application, which helped to quickly and safely transfer funds to the needs of the Armed Forces. We are happy to announce that almost 50,000 unique users have taken the opportunity to help our defenders!

We also successfully cooperate with large Ukrainian and international charitable organizations. Opti Global has become an information partner of the Ukraine Neznishchalna Foundation in Poland, which provides educational services to thousands of our children who had to leave their homeland.

On Defender of Ukraine Day, we held a campaign with Starlife BF, which raises funds for drones for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other equipment that allows our people to protect our skies and receive the most accurate intelligence.

We also became partners with the largest Fund for Competent Assistance to the Army “Come Back Alive”. Thus, a large family of users of our service got the opportunity to contribute to the stable provision of our Armed Forces without leaving the car.