Opti Taxi and Muscreators: freedom of movement and music of free people Kyiv

Opti Taxi and Muscreators: freedom of movement and music of free people Kyiv

The largest taxi service in Ukraine continues to support promising initiatives. This time, Opti Taxi and Opti Global want to help develop modern Ukrainian music. Yes, together with the Ukrainian startup platform Muscreators, we launched a unique project for the international market!

Since January 2023, the national leader in the field of passenger transportation provides a unique access to the releases of young Ukrainian artists and the latest playlists that open up the world of modern music in a new way.

The Opti Global group of companies, as a purely Ukrainian brand and a family company with an 18-year history, is focused on the implementation of projects that change our country. From now on, a multi-million family of clients will receive priority access to songs and videos of the most progressive performers in Ukraine. The technology platform from Muscreators will help you connect with modern music culture and refresh your playlists.

Our new partners combine modern digital tools with traditional production practices of songwriters and performers. The Ukrainian music innovation startup promotes artists and projects on the local and international market with the help of ready-made tools and algorithms.

The Muscreators team is empowering a generation of wartime artists who, during a full-scale invasion, did not give up their creativity and decided to capture reflections on this difficult and decisive time in their notes.

Opti Taxi and Muscreators will introduce you to the most promising contemporary artists and give you priority access to the most relevant tracks. In addition, together we will create and present at your discretion thematic playlists that can charge you with the necessary mood for productive work and good rest. Of course, our tracks can become an accompaniment for you along the roads of free Ukraine or any country in the world. We are sure that these unusual works of artists will not only make you laugh. The emotions and messages that can be felt in the songs of the new generation of artists are identical to the experiences of every Ukrainian who survived the first year of a full-scale war.

During the years of Ukraine's independence, we got the impression that it was impossible to bring our work to the public without big money! But we are sure that this is a stereotype that has irrevocably remained in the past. Today, any talented and purposeful writer or artist can reach out to millions of listeners who are tired of the stars of the past. To this end, Opti Taxi and Muscreators have teamed up. Together we can change our culture and bring talented artists to millions of listeners around the world.

Join our initiative, discover with us the world of new music and contemporary performers.

We are inspired by the music of free people, and together we are building a better country!