Opti, hello! Mariupol

Opti, hello! Mariupol

For the first time in Ukraine, Opti is launching a service for sharing rides with other people.
The service is called Opti hi and will soon be available for ordering on the Opti mobile app.
You'll soon be able to use Opti Hi.
“The service is already at the testing stage and will be launched soon. The idea for the project came to us last summer, but we put it on the back burner. Now, under quarantine conditions, when there is practically no public transport, the issue of the movement of citizens has become extremely relevant, so we decided to launch the project anyway. Thanks to this service, you will get from point A to point B much cheaper and more conveniently,” said the company’s general director Petr Kovtun.
OPTI Hi is a friendly welcome to the new and the future. It is quite possible that thanks to this service you will find new friends and even become a couple.
There are no analogues of this service in Ukraine yet, so the company expects great popularity of this convenient and inexpensive service.
Also, during the quarantine in cities where the Opti service operates, the company reduced tariffs by 20-25%.
Additionally, in order to minimize the need for citizens to leave their homes, Opti launched two more services: home delivery of groceries and delivery of parcels to the recipient (with a limit of up to 20 kilograms). All this can be done by calling 579 or using the Opti app.