Opti Global and STARLIFE: bringing the country back together! Mariupol

Opti Global and STARLIFE: bringing the country back together! Mariupol

October 14, the Day of Defenders of Ukraine, the largest taxi company in the country begins cooperation with the STARLIFE charity foundation. Together we plan to raise more than a million hryvnias for the needs of our defenders on every centimeter of the front line in the struggle for the freedom of Ukraine.

We support the country and plan a better future together

Opti Global is a group of purely Ukrainian companies that develop in different directions. Our main brand is Opti Taxi, which is used by millions of passengers in Ukraine, Poland and Lithuania. In addition, our team of professionals develops brands in IT - Opti Digital, security business - Opti Safe, logistics (Opti Tir), customer service (Opti Connect) and tourism - Opti Tour.

As a national leader, we are pleased to cooperate with the STARLIFE Charitable Foundation. Our new friends between 2011 and January 2022 had great success. Thus, the fund made payments for the total amount of UAH 27,663,128.10. Also, charitable assistance was paid to military personnel and veterans in the amount of more than UAH 4,000,000.

With the outbreak of a full-scale war, the foundation team managed to build a supply network for everything necessary for the Armed Forces and the Ministry of Defense throughout the country, where resistance to Russian military aggression is rampant.
STARLIFE volunteers collect orders from units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and Troops from all over Ukraine and deliver them to each of our fighters. Every day, the brigade carries out more than 10 shipments of combat ammunition, medicines, food and water.
STARLIFE Headquarters organized the supply chains of military ammunition, medicines and products from the Czech Republic and Poland. The team has its own warehouses in Chernivtsi, Lviv, Odessa and Zaporozhye, as well as 2 warehouses in Kyiv with local couriers.

Opti Global and STARLIFE: how can you help?

Ukraine is certainly winning the war, but we need new resources for a joint breakthrough. Therefore, the national taxi service and the leaders of the volunteer movement united in honor of the holiday of our defenders.

Tens of thousands of Opti Taxi users have already helped the Armed Forces with our free app. We are sure that this time we will be able to beat our record.

We will be sincerely grateful for every hryvnia donated as part of the Opti Global and STARLIFE campaigns. Your funds will go towards the following needs:

  • purchase of kamikaze drones, reconnaissance drones and catapults for unmanned aerial vehicles;
  • purchase of buses and ambulances;
  • providing military personnel with high-quality and modern military uniforms, tactical backpacks, gloves, etc.;
  • equipping military units with helmets, elbow pads, sleeping bags, walkie-talkies, flashlights, batteries, etc.;
  • acquisition of thermal imaging sights and other technical devices important for the front.

We are confident that together we can not only fight for freedom for all Ukrainian cities, but also build a better future.

Glory to Ukraine!