Opti Digital and "Veterano Cyber Cluster": let's help set up our heroes together Kyiv

Opti Digital and

The international holding Opti Global and the taxi company with the largest assortment in Ukraine are tirelessly working on the implementation of charitable and socially significant projects. Another initiative of the national leader was the partnership with Veterano Cyber Cluster.

Every Ukrainian, wherever he lives, has been affected by the war to one degree or another. But our defenders, to whom we owe our freedom, have faced extraordinary challenges. Returning home, the soldiers need our attention, support and efforts to bring the veterans back to life on the home front.

Therefore, Opti Global intends to support the Veterano Cyber Cluster project, which provides our veterans with the opportunity to receive IT education, internships and employment opportunities for free.

This project is being implemented by the Ukrainian Cybersecurity Scientific Association and supported by the Veterans Reintegration Program, which is implemented by IREX with the support of the US Department of State.

The goal of the Veteran Cyber Cluster project is to create a comprehensive ecosystem for the reintegration of veterans through career counseling, training, internships and employment in a company specializing in cybersecurity.

As part of the Veterano Cyber Cluster project, it is planned to implement the following tasks:

  • assistance in employment and social adaptation of at least 50% of participants in the first year of the program;
  • formation and testing of the best practices of career guidance for veterans and practices of interaction between employers and veterans in accordance with the corporate infrastructure;
  • formation of a high level of competitiveness of veterans in the labor market of Ukraine in the field of cybersecurity.

If you have any questions, you can email them to:
Natalia Zaitseva, administrator of the Veterano Cyber Cluster project.
[email protected]