Studio "Opti Taxi and Colleagues": we are waiting for your donation in favor of the Armed Forces Kyiv


The largest taxi company in the country does not detract from the support of charitable projects in the second year of a full-scale war.

So we moved on to an active fundraising for the purchase of the so-called. bandermobiles. .

Our brand continues to support the popular comedians of the Kolegi Studio project, who not only entertain millions of viewers in this difficult time, but also successfully help the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Together with one of the leading Ukrainian manufacturers, we are intensifying the collection of Bandermobiles - Ukrainian improvised armored vehicles based on the GAZ-66, created by Nizhyn activists during the war in eastern Ukraine.

Yes, the Kolegi Studio team has been raising money for equipment and weapons for our defenders for many months. You can join the meeting too!
You can donate ZSU and help us in just three clicks:

Thus, you can help improve the mobility and combat capabilities of our army right now. Don't waste your time and support our friends by watching right now!