Freedom of benefit in Opti Taxi: earn in two clicks. Kyiv

Freedom of benefit in Opti Taxi: earn in two clicks. Kyiv

The largest taxi service in the country has prepared a favorable offer for all categories of users of the mobile application Opti Taxi. Now you can join the referral program and earn money on trips of friends and acquaintances as easily and quickly as possible. In addition, by the end of September, all users of the application will change the referral code to a referral link.

What is the referral program from Opti Taxi?

Recall that a referral link is a link that is used to attract users and contains a personal identifier that invites the user.

If you are registered in our mobile application, you have the opportunity to earn bonuses at any time by inviting new customers to the family of Opti Taxi users.

Who can join?

Any registered user of the mobile application can become a member of the referral system from Opti Taxi. In order to earn bonuses with the help of friends and acquaintances, you do not even need to be a regular user of Opti Taxi, or overcome a certain limit in cash or kilometer equivalent.

What are the benefits?

The referral program from Opti Taxi is without exaggeration the most profitable and simplest on the market. By joining the system, you get 5 bonuses at once. If your friend (friend or acquaintance) goes with your unique link, which is generated automatically, then you receive as a bonus for life 1% of the amount from each trip ordered in the application.

Thus, all program participants receive a permanent additional income. You can use the funds you receive in your account as bonuses when paying for trips through the Opti Taxi mobile application, which you can download from Google Play, the App Store or the App Gallery.

What changes have we prepared for you?

From October 2021, using the profitable referral program from Opti Taxi has become even easier. Previously, in order to receive bonuses, you had to follow several steps: download the application, register and enter a special promo code.

In a few days you will not need to download new pages online, go through the registration procedure and enter complex code from letters and numbers. All you have to do is share a referral link or a unique QR code with it. Click on the link or activate the code, confirm the action and receive the benefit at the same time.

Of course, improving the system will lead to additional changes that will affect each registered user. From October, all program participants will change their referral code to a referral link, but we promise that this will not bring difficulties.

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