Eurovision 2023: playlist and lottery Kyiv

Eurovision 2023: playlist and lottery Kyiv

May 13 will be the biggest music show in the world! This year the competition is held in the UK on behalf of Ukraine and has already attracted the attention of hundreds of millions of viewers.

For us, this Eurovision is especially important and symbolic. Ukrainians all over the world feel the support of the free world and can present their culture and messages, because we already know for sure that we can overcome everything!

Of course, the largest carrier of the country, Opti Taxi, could not help attending this historic event. That is why, together with our partner, the digital platform Muscreators, we are presenting a traditional thematic playlist - “Songs that unite Europe”.

In this selection, we have selected the best Eurovision hits that have become part of the lives of millions of Europeans. These tracks will become an ideal companion on a journey through all the cities of free Ukraine and will cheer you up even on the most rainy days:

And now - about the MOST IMPORTANT. Of course, we could not leave you without gifts for the biggest music festival in Europe. Only this weekend we are holding a Christmas lottery and drawing 3 certificates for a trip from the beautiful singer ANGELA. (page link:

How to get a gift for Eurovision?

  • subscribe to Muscreators and Opti Taxi pages;
  • subscribe to our Spotify playlist;
  • subscribe to the ANGELI page on Spotify;
  • send + directly;
  • wait for the draw
  • ride around your city to the best Eurovision songs.

The best music of free people with Muscreators, Opti Taxi ANGELA.