Opti Global congratulates on Independence Day! Mariupol

Opti Global congratulates on Independence Day! Mariupol

Opti Global congratulates on Independence Day!

The largest service for ordering transport services in the country congratulates all Ukrainians on Independence Day!

On August 24, 2021, our country celebrates its 30th anniversary. The large Opti family thanks millions of its customers for their loyalty and help in building a national network.

Opti is 100% purely Ukrainian business. We started back in 2005 and during all these years we worked on creating a strong brand and experienced with you all the ups and downs in your home country.

Opti: successes of the Ukrainian brand, which is walking in Europe.

Our brand was born in 2005. Over the years, we have gone from a taxi service that worked the old-fashioned way - through telephony and walkie-talkies - to full digitalization and creating our own application.

We managed to transform from "Optimal Taxi 579" to the international company Opti Global. Today the company has 36 branches in Ukraine, and is preparing to open 37 offices.

Opti is one of the few Ukrainian brands represented in the EU. Our branches are developing in large cities of Poland and Lithuania and are working to promote the national service abroad.

In 2021, the Opti Global brand already has its own ecosystem, which consists of the country's largest service for ordering transport services, delivery and tickets for all modes of transport. Opti Tir is engaged in international freight transportation, and the organization of recreation for private and corporate customers - Opti Travel Service.

The Opti Safe brand has been active this year. The company provides security services and develops its own software and digital solutions to ensure security for individuals, businesses and strategically important infrastructure.

Opti: the future of the national service №1.

In 2021, the Opti Global brand connected to its own service more than 17,000 cars that carry customers in three European countries at once. In the coming years, we plan to open new branches and start working in new countries. Details - coming soon.

Ambitious plans for the future in the teams of Opti Tir, Opti Safe, Opti Travel Service, which attract to the ecosystem of the brand regular customers of the transport service and new customers from different countries.

Next - more! Stay with us and join our big family.