Fundraising to help victims of the disaster in the Kherson region Kyiv

Fundraising to help victims of the disaster in the Kherson region Kyiv

Our country is experiencing the largest man-made disaster in recent decades and is overcoming the terrible consequences of the ecocide organized by the Russian Federation.

Tens of thousands of animals have already died as a result of the explosion at the Kakhovskaya hydroelectric power station, and the exact number of human victims remains to be known. Hundreds of thousands of residents of the Kherson region were left without housing, drinking water and other things necessary for survival.

Our country and each of us will have to overcome the consequences of this terrorist attack for many years. The full extent of the damage caused by this crime of the Russians to our ecology and economy will have to be assessed only in the future.

In this extremely difficult time, each of us must get involved in systematic and targeted assistance to state, international and non-profit organizations. Our long-term partners from the Charitable Foundation "Mercy and Health" are ALREADY at the crash site and have been helping the victims for MANY days.

Volunteers currently need funds to purchase the following items:

  • mattresses

  • blankets

  • Pillows

  • Wool

  • Folders

  • towels

  • Wet wipes

  • Crockery, kitchen equipment

  • Backpacks / bags / suitcases for storing and transporting things

  • Energy banks

  • Long shelf life food

  • animal feed

  • Pet carriers/bags

  • blankets

  • Straps available

You can donate via this link:

We and our partners will be sincerely grateful for any material or informational assistance that you can provide. You can also send or donate goods from the list, having previously contacted the representatives of the Charitable Foundation "Mercy and Health" on this issue.contacts.