Bring a friend home Mariupol

Bring a friend home Mariupol

All-Ukrainian project "Bring a friend home" has started!
In November, the first press conference of the All-Ukrainian project took place in the city of Rivne.
The atmosphere is just super, everything turned out very family and friendly
Such projects are inspiring, because they go beyond business and carry an important social goal. Together with the shelter "Nadezhda Na Dom" and the Youth Council under the regional administration, Opti will transport in home for free the one who takes the animal from the shelter during the campaign, along with a new fluffy pet.
The highlight was the challenge for the new mayor of Rivne, Alexander Tretyak, to start the tradition of taking animals from shelters to the mayor's office.
It would be cool to get exactly a fluffy character. Is not it? plans to distribute the campaign in the cities of Ukraine.
Which city is next?
We are grateful to all opinion leaders, media, partners and those who are not indifferent who have joined.
Movement inspires!