Bonuses: new rules for accrual and use Mariupol

Bonuses: new rules for accrual and use Mariupol

Dear clients service "Opti Taxi"! In this difficult time, we work for you in the vast majority of regions of Ukraine and provide a wide range of opportunities to millions of our users.

What is changing?

Unfortunately, we are currently forced to temporarily suspend some of our loyalty programs, such as bonuses and the ability to pay with travel bills. This is due to the current situation in the country and the support of our partners - drivers throughout Ukraine.

For how long will the bonus program be suspended?

We do not currently know how long the bonus program will be suspended. As soon as the situation stabilizes, we will definitely return to the issue of returning bonuses and their use.

What will happen to bonuses?

If you have bonuses on your account, they will remain in your account. The change will affect only the calculation of tourist bonuses and the possibility of using them. Currently, our drivers are working at the limit of their capabilities. Therefore, this is a forced step for us.

How else can I order a taxi and pay for services?

You can still order Opti Taxi using the app or by calling 579. You can pay for services in cash or by card in the app.

Of course, the temporary new rules of the loyalty program is a forced step that concerns every user of our site. However, we trust that you will treat each of us with understanding during this difficult time. Opti - movement inspires!