Digital operation Mariupol

Digital operation Mariupol

Support the Global Digital Cleanup with OPTI!

Today our company started digital cleaning and got rid of 1300 GB of unnecessary junk!

It is on this day that the 50th Earth Day is celebrated all over the world. Also on this day, the public organization Let's do it, World launches the world's first Global Digital Cleanup! In which every person and every company can take part. All you need to do is remove unnecessary information from your devices.
We've significantly increased our energy and online content consumption over the past month (for obvious reasons), and we need to be digitally responsible to the planet.

Why is it important?

  • Google receives about 3.8 million search queries per minute. Each year, this number is equal to San Francisco's annual energy consumption.
  • Data centers use around 3% of the world's electricity (more than the UK) and produce 2% of global greenhouse gas emissions - about the same as air travel around the world.
  • By some estimates, the Internet's carbon footprint accounts for approximately 3.7% of global greenhouse gas emissions. This is almost as much as the aviation industry earns worldwide. These emissions are expected to double by 2025.

As you understand, under quarantine conditions this number can increase many times over. Let's not upset Greta Thunberg and do such an important thing without even leaving the couch.

What can we do to take part in the Global Digital Cleanup:

  • Remove all unread and junk mail from your email.
  • Clear your spam section and block all spam messages.
  • Remove old information from calendars and online meetings.
  • Turn off social messages and other unnecessary mailings.
  • Remove all unnecessary applications and games from your smartphone (yes, we all have many applications that have not been launched more than once), be firm in your intentions
  • Clear cache on all devices and browsers
  • Uninstall heavy apps and install them again (this often saves a lot of space on your device).

At the end, you will receive a nice bonus - a smart device, gigabytes of free space and order on your desktop.

Our team plans to continue to support environmental initiatives and keep you updated on all initiatives.

Let's do this, Ukraine.