Opti taxi jobs in Zhytomyr

Opti is one of the leaders in the market of passenger transportation and provides services in 36 cities of Ukraine and 3 countries. Our team is already very large: we are all terribly different, but we all equally love the work we do. We are not afraid of competition, because we know what our uniqueness is! We are not afraid of new beginnings, because we are confident in our stability!

Taxi job Zhytomyr
Driver with a personal car

Now we are looking for a driver for our car and we really have something to offer you, namely:

  • Free work schedule;
  • A large number of orders;
  • Loyal % of completed order.


  • Knowledge of the city;
  • Driving experience from 3 years;
  • Personal well-maintained car;
  • Availability of an Android phone higher than version 7.

Acceptance and fulfillment of orders from people who want to order a taxi around the city and outside the city.

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What do we offer?
  1. Work in an international large company that is developing dynamically.
  2. Flexible hours – work when it’s convenient to you.
  3. Constant flow of orders.
  4. Decent level of constant income.
  5. Quality assistance from our dispatchers.
  6. Fast and easy registration, with which our managers will help you.
Opportunities for drivers in Zhytomyr with OPTI

Opportunities for drivers in Zhytomyr with OPTI

Drivers with their cars, ready to discover the unique possibilities of picturesque Zhytomyr, join OPTI. Our city, known for its beautiful parks and monuments, offers a constant flow of customers. Working in a Zhytomyr taxi with OPTI will allow you not only to earn money, but also enjoy the flexibility of your work schedule while traveling around one of the greenest cities in Ukraine.
What OPTI offers to drivers

What OPTI offers to drivers

We value your independence and strive to provide everything you need to succeed. OPTI in Zhytomyr provides access to a wide customer base, flexibility in choosing working hours and competitive income. By working with us, you will become part of a professional team that supports and values every driver.
What requirements do we place on drivers?

What requirements do we place on drivers?

At OPTI, we are looking for drivers who are proud of their city and committed to providing high-quality services to our customers. Your professionalism, knowledge of Zhytomyr and the surrounding area, as well as your desire to ensure safe and comfortable travel are important. If you are ready to become the face of a reliable service in your city, we will be pleased to have you on our team.
Become a member of our friendly taxi family in Zhitomir!

Become a member of our friendly taxi family in Zhitomir!

We offer not only a workplace, but also the opportunity to become part of a team of professionals. Thanks to us, you will receive all the necessary conditions for comfortable work, as well as support from colleagues and management. Are you ready to join? Send us your application!