Opti taxi jobs in Zaporozhye

Opti is one of the leaders in the market of passenger transportation and provides services in 36 cities of Ukraine and 3 countries. Our team is already very large: we are all terribly different, but we all equally love the work we do. We are not afraid of competition, because we know what our uniqueness is! We are not afraid of new beginnings, because we are confident in our stability!

Taxi job Zaporozhye
Driver with a personal car

Now we are looking for a driver for our car and we really have something to offer you, namely:

  • Free work schedule;
  • A large number of orders;
  • Loyal % of completed order.


  • Knowledge of the city;
  • Driving experience from 3 years;
  • Personal well-maintained car;
  • Availability of an Android phone higher than version 7.

Acceptance and fulfillment of orders from people who want to order a taxi around the city and outside the city.

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What do we offer?
  1. Work in an international large company that is developing dynamically.
  2. Flexible hours – work when it’s convenient to you.
  3. Constant flow of orders.
  4. Decent level of constant income.
  5. Quality assistance from our dispatchers.
  6. Fast and easy registration, with which our managers will help you.
The best place to work as a driver in Zaporozhye

The best place to work as a driver in Zaporozhye

Work should bring not only profit, but also pleasure. Cooperation with Opti taxi guarantees a decent and stable income, and also allows you to join a team of professionals. Additional advantages are a free schedule and the ability to work both on your own car and on a company car. For Opti, a driver is not just an ordinary employee, he is a full partner.
Provision with orders

Provision with orders

Opti, without exaggeration, is one of the most popular and demanded taxi services in Zaporozhye. This means that drivers and dispatchers are always busy. Offering a decent percentage of the order, the company pays special attention to the level and skills of the drivers. So, the minimum driving experience (without an accident) must be at least three years. The minimum permissible level of a personal car is Lanos\Sens.
How to become a partner

How to become a partner

It is very easy to become a partner of Opti taxi in Zaporozhye. To do this, you must complete four points. The first one is to register on the service website, through a mobile application or by phone. Second: confirm the availability of original documents (passport, driver's license with a category). Third: get an invitation for an interview. Fourth: get trained and get settings on your smartphone.
Buns for drivers

Buns for drivers

Working at Opti means favorable and reliable conditions, respectful attitude and mutual assistance. The company often holds drawings of valuable gifts and souvenirs among its partners. For example, by participating in a competition, you can win cinema tickets or a discount certificate. In addition, trainings and seminars are regularly held for drivers, which helps to improve their professional skills.