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Order a taxi Opti online in Poltava

If a passenger often or at least occasionally uses a taxi, he has a habit of ordering a car. There are several options for Opti taxis: telephony (single number 579), a mobile application installed on a smartphone, a chatbot for Telegram and Messenger, as well as online ordering. Each of these methods has its own advantages and is popular in Poltava.

Simple task

Online ordering is, in a sense, the “most democratic” way to get a taxi. It does not require downloading the application (although it is quite simple and does not require much effort) and there is no need to communicate with the operator. Just go to the company's website, select the appropriate section and place an order. The only condition is registration and authorization by mobile phone number.

System help

The online order form on the Opti taxi website is easy to use and quite clear even at an intuitive level. The main "difficulty" is entering the input and arrival addresses. But even in this case, the program will come to the rescue and give you the name of the street. If the passenger is satisfied with the default settings, then after entering the address, he can immediately click "Order a car".

As soon as possible

The passenger will need to make a few more clicks to place an order. For example, you can set the exact time of assembly, select the class and type of car, and use useful additional services. Usually the whole process takes no more than 10 seconds. However, this time is enough to find out the exact cost of the trip. In addition, the program will quickly build a future route on an electronic map.