Unity of the best for the sake of children: Opti Taxi has become an official partner of the Father's House Charitable Foundation Mariupol

Unity of the best for the sake of children: Opti Taxi has become an official partner of the Father's House Charitable Foundation Mariupol

The largest national taxi service continues to implement the strategy of sustainable development. Fulfilling its responsibilities as a socially responsible company, the Opti Global Group has become an official partner of the Father's House International Charitable Foundation.

The Father's House International Foundation: a unique initiative of prominent people

Father's House is one of the best children's shelters not only in Ukraine, but in the whole of Europe. The organization was founded in 1996 and became the first private institution to provide shelter and assistance to children in difficult life circumstances.

The founder of the Father's House is Roman Korniyko, a well-known Kyiv doctor who became a real pioneer in the field of private social assistance. Over the years, the shelter's team has provided assistance to thousands of orphans, children in difficult living conditions and family members of ATO and OOS members.

In 1999, Roman Korniyko and members of the team founded the Father's House International Charitable Foundation, which was used to purchase an estate in Sviatopetrivsky, near Kyiv. Already in 2001, the Center for Social Welfare was registered, which was named by the representatives of the Council of Europe as the best institution of this type in Eastern Europe.

The team of the foundation defends the principles of family, so it is actively working to ensure that students find new families, both in Ukraine and abroad. To spread the positive experience of the foundation, a Training Center was established, on the basis of which a new international fund was created - the Center for Development and Leadership. During its existence, the institution has managed to train 58 leaders and create 28 children's centers in different regions of the country.

At the moment, a holistic system of programs and projects has been developed on the basis of the Father's House. Thus, there is a Center for Family Education, which takes care of whole families who have faced life problems, there is a program of rehabilitation and recreation "Hope Pilgrim" and the project "New Family", which promotes the institution of adoption. A number of other projects are being implemented, which can be found on the foundation's website or on its social media pages.

Opti Taxi and Father's House: a partnership between the national service and the best children's institution in the country

Opti Taxi and the brand have maintained their status as a socially responsible company for 579 decades. The National Taxi Service implements the basic principles of the strategy of sustainable development and support of the social assistance sector.

Guided by the basic principles of activity, Opti Taxi has made a strategic decision to become an official partner and general carrier of the international charitable foundation "Father's House".

The 579 brand has provided a certificate for 20,000 bonuses that the fund's management and students will spend on travel. As a carrier of the foundation, service cars are already fulfilling orders for cars and trucks.

“Opti Global will help the foundation not only to ensure that students and educators move in a timely and comfortable manner. We will support students in building an adult future - happy, successful and stable. My wife Anastasia and I had an inspiring conversation with the management of the charity foundation. I continue to admire the courage and inspiration of our people, who, despite the incredible difficulties, can create unique projects that change the lives of thousands of children for the better, ”commented the partnership CEO and founder of Opti Taxi Petro Kovtun.

Together - for a better future: details of cooperation between the largest taxi service and "Father's House"

The collaboration between Opti Global and the charity began with a significant but informal event. The team of the national service together with the general director Petro Kovtun, accompanied by his wife Anastasia, visited their new wards - pupils of the "Father's House" in Sviatopetrovsk.

Of course, the Opti family prepared delicacies and branded gifts for children and talked to toddlers and older children. During the visit, the founder of the group of companies Petro Kovtun personally handed over a travel certificate to the foundation's management and had a productive conversation with the administration.

New ideas were born in the dialogue, the implementation of which can have a direct impact on the future of the shelter's inmates. The national service intends to help young people build a successful career and a successful life and is preparing to implement a number of projects, the details of which will be announced soon.

Opti Global: the movement is inspiring