Knowledge Day with Opti: start autumn with gifts Mariupol

Knowledge Day with Opti: start autumn with gifts Mariupol

September 1 is a special date. Today is a holiday that causes a storm of feelings in children and adults - the Day of Knowledge. It doesn't matter how old we are or where we are now, but this date, for each of us, is more than the beginning of the calendar fall.

Summer is behind us, and now you can dive into it only for money. It is time for a new season, new achievements, new knowledge, lessons, defeats and victories.

Today is a holiday, although not an official one, which means that it is time to receive gifts for the Day of Knowledge from Opti. Gather the children to school and get prizes!

Especially for the holiday of all schoolchildren and students, we have prepared gifts - bonuses for travel. The winners of the competition from all over Ukraine will have the opportunity to get to school or home quickly, comfortably and most importantly - for free. Details are waiting for you on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

But, that's not all! A useful, stylish and safe for the environment souvenir is waiting for schoolchildren, students and just about anyone. Want gifts? - Visit our resources on social networks.

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