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Online booking taxi Opti in Sumy

Sometimes a logical question arises: why order an Opti taxi online when you have a phone (579), an advanced mobile application and a chatbot? The fact is that these methods are not always suitable for everyone. Someone does not have time to communicate with the operator, someone does not want to download the application, and someone does not use Messenger. Online ordering is a convenient alternative to calling a car both in Sumy and in other cities.

Quick registration

The online service is publicly available on the official website of the carrier, but only a registered user can order a taxi. To do this, create a profile in the Opti system and leave your phone number. By the way, if a passenger finally decides to install a mobile application, his history and data will be automatically sealed. Registration and authorization takes less than a minute.

How the service works

The online order form consists of six main points: car delivery address, destination address, delivery time, additional services, payment method, taxi class. In addition to one order, you can add several (no more than five) addresses. This feature is often used to transport guests conveniently and economically. The site also has the ability to leave special comments for drivers.

Setting tariffs

When ordering online, an Opti taxi passenger can immediately check the price. It depends on the mileage, the class of the car and the availability of additional services. The following services are available in Sumy: "Courier", "Baby chair", "Baggage", "Transportation of animals" and others. The route of the upcoming trip is marked on a detailed electronic map. This is especially useful for passengers who are not knowledgeable about the city.