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Online booking taxi Opti in Chernigov

What is the difference between taxi services? The answer to this question is obvious - the quality of services. And high quality is impossible without a large selection. Taxi Opti has been one of the leading passenger carriers in Ukraine for many years. The company offers a modern fleet of vehicles, useful additional service and loyal tariffs. There are several ways to call a taxi Opti in Chernihiv, including online.


Usually, the choice of the method of communication with the telecom operator is decided by habit. For some passengers, telephone communication is ideal, especially when Opti calls back. Others cannot do without a mobile app or chatbot. An alternative to these options is online ordering, which is available on the company's website. Its main advantage is the absence of "intermediaries". The user registers and the service immediately becomes available to him.

Order in seconds

Online ordering is a fast and reliable way to call a taxi in Chernihiv. Just enter "starting address" and destination in the appropriate fields, and the program will determine the tariff. If the passenger does not have additional conditions, you can click the "Order a car" button. By default, the system has items: for the near future, an economy class taxi, payment in cash. The route of the upcoming trip is marked on the online map.

Even more possibilities

The Opti online ordering service is designed to communicate with the driver. If, for example, a passenger wants to clarify the scheme of arrival at the yard or indicate its exact location, he can leave his comment on this topic. The service also allows you to link several locations to one order. To do this, click "Add address". For trips of four or more people, the carrier offers spacious and comfortable minibuses.