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Online taxi booking Opti in Byala Tserkev

The Opti taxi website has long ceased to be just a source of information. One of its main functions is to order cars using a modern and efficient online service. In Byala Tserkev, the operator is available by phone (the only number in Ukraine is 579), in the mobile application and even in the messenger and Telegram (chat bot). A very popular alternative to all these methods is online ordering on the website.

How does it work

The online order form is very simple. It consists of two (by default) lines for the address, a line indicating when to re-order, a list of useful additional services, an item on how to pay, and information about the park. The carrier offers economy, standard and comfort cars, as well as station wagons, minivans, minibuses and trucks.

Transfers to the capital

After the passenger specifies the addresses (delivery and destination), the program will immediately calculate the fare. Please note that the Opti taxi is not limited to moving around the White Church and its area, but is focused on transfers to Kiev. The fare depends on the mileage, as well as the sum of all the above points. The online order form allows you to familiarize yourself with the route on the map in advance.

Useful options

Continuing the topic of the fare, it should be clarified that the passenger can independently adjust the cost of the trip in order to more actively search for a car. Another convenient option available on the carrier's website allows you to add multiple addresses to an order. This service is often used in the implementation and organization of transport and group travel. "Additional" locations can be both in Kiev and in Bila Tserkva.