Opti Taxi and Muscreators: join a unique musical project Kyiv

Opti Taxi and Muscreators: join a unique musical project Kyiv

The best gift for Valentine's Day is feelings and memories, and not ordinary material things that sooner or later leave our lives.

That is why Opti Taxi has prepared for you a unique project in Ukraine - the first thematic music playlists. From now on, together with our friends - the digital music platform Muscreators, we will give you cool emotions with the best music, which will be the perfect travel companion!

Love is different and causes different feelings, but it paints our life with bright colors. That is why we have prepared songs for any occasion: “I love you like the first time” and “Not YOUR couple”.

In our playlist you will find famous songs about love and separation, as well as new songs performed by interesting representatives of the young Ukrainian scene.

In addition, by applying, you will also be able to access themed playlists from Opti Taxi and Muscreators.

Love has always been the main theme of our lives, so our collections will be constantly updated so that you can get the best songs that will become your life companions!

The best love songs are waiting for you: "NOT YOUR couple":


"Love like the first time":


Opti Taxi: love and freedom forever