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Online booking taxi Opti in Mariupol

The availability of the taxi service is achieved not only through a loyal tariff policy, but also through providing passengers with a variety of opportunities. The national carrier Opti offers several ways to quickly and reliably call a car in and around Mariupol. Online ordering on the Opti website is a universal option, the advantages of which should be discussed in more detail.

Range of possibilities

Calling a taxi is the main, but not the only function included in the online order form. Here you can find out the cost of the trip and its route, determine the payment method, select the type and class of car, and also use one or several additional services. In addition, the service provides the possibility of pre-ordering. To do this, you need to display the specific return time of the car.

Orders without "intermediaries"

For many users, the main advantage of online ordering is the absence of "intermediaries" - an operator and a mobile application. At the same time, the availability of alternative communication methods ensures the maximum availability of Opti taxis. By the way, another way is to call a car using a chat bot in Telegram and Messenger. It is possible that Opti will soon offer a new creative approach.

Fast with Opti

Ordering an Opti taxi online takes seconds. Changing the default conditions will take a little longer. In Mariupol, you can call an Opti taxi of four classes: economy, standard, comfort and business. For trips for five or more people, the company offers minibuses and minivans. The online order form also gives the driver an explanatory comment.